A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Feathers

Feathers are lovely things. Here they can be gathered all year through if you happen on something oddly pretty or just go and collect them, when the birds are changing their feathers. I tend to go searching for them usually when they are losing them in numbers for that seems easier.

SAMSUNGBecause the feather is generally related with air, then they make perfect mediums for air spells – creativity, memories, intelligence, dreams. If you know tarot and the sword, then you know the hardships it can bestow on you. Lessons of life that one needs to learn.

I have fondness of jackdaw feathers especially. You can find them lying around all over the place – longer ones fanning around in a vase while gentle ones are neatly placed in books.

I like them the most, because they help me with unwanted guests. It’s not some book wise thing.

I had trouble with people using me as their get-thing-over-my-chest person. They literally tossed things on me and it got overwhelming after a while.  So to stop this from happening, I put two jackdaw feathers in the upper corners of my door. It calmed things down and soon they came with much more reasonable text.

I have written wishes on feathers and sent them flying in the air and made a dreamcatcher. I don’t usually use them in sachets, because I don’t always see the point of cutting one up in there or adding it in a closed space when it works best in the air environment.  But sometimes it asks for it. Like when you try to lock up a memory or do something for creativity.



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