de Luain updates

I began cutting out the pages.

I can’t believe I am actually that far that after half a year (you gotta love the rhythmic flow of this) staring at the paper I finally am in stage that I am cutting out the pages! Few months back I did the patterns for them that I could use to combine all the pages I had figured out. But then moving cut in and it all got hidden away waiting for better times.

Now the time is here and with the New Moon I dug it all out and began drawing the pages out on that huge scroll of paper one by one, odd one with the odd one :). It will not look perfectly even on the side, but hey, it’s my book and with the number of odd pages that will be in it it there will never be even edges or golden protective liners or anything of the sort. However it will be the perfect for anyone like me!

I was surprised actually how easy it felt to draw the first pages and cut them out roughly before placing them under press for few weeks. They should flatten out nicely over time before I sew them together and bend before sewing the blocks together. I need to think about that a bit, how would be the best way to do it, because like always – I don’t quite have the right tools yet.

I haven’t got the right glue or the fabric to go inside either…

Still, I’m very exited and it looks the right kind of handwork to meddle with in between writing sessions and, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m doing a lot of that lately.

I’m not sure if I should write in the blocks before I sew them together, or decorate it beforehand on the edges or do it after I have it all in one book. I’m guessing that I should at least decorate the edges before I even begin to sew it all together – after I have bent the pages according to the plans. Because it is always easier to paint the pages if they are still flat and I do plan to do paint them with acrylics. Later I can do the capitals and text, but the edges should come before.

And I don’t feel like going nuts at all!

Wait for it… wait for it… I’ll come back to that “going nuts” later, ok?

Yes, it will be a show-off piece, but you know, if you have a book like that it is far more interesting to tab in the unknown :).


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