A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Enchantments

Writing spells is important part of crafting. How else can you make a witch fly?

Just kidding. Some mushrooms can fix that in no time.

Saying out your wish is a way to understand and work with them, to send it out in the world. You send your own voiced out spell to the world. Putting the words together for easier way to memorize it is thus important to any spell crafter.

But should one use it at all? I’ve always been bad at poetry and I don’t quite push myself to create that special extra six lined version of what I want. But does it have to be that long? I’d say two lines with rhyming ending is pretty much all I can do and that’s pretty much all I want to. It’s not how it will look for the world, it’s how you work it out yourself. That is if you’re doing a simple spell, like candle lighting or mix things together, meditate on altar and such.

However, when it comes to working with nature and elements, I do believe speaking to them directly is the best way. Yes, binding a bowed red yarn on a tree can make a fantastic offering, but when there is something I want their co-operation on, I do prefer speaking out. Elements can’t really read your mind, you know. I know the “put your concentrated wish” in your spell thing is important, but still they can’t read your mind and unless you agree the item and your energy being the only thing that takes your spell forward, speaking out is important. Especially if water or wind spells are involved.

Just for the test – one evening go few meters away from others and say  whispering to the wind (and no, no shouting) to bring you news from the fields. Then shut up and listen. You’d be surprised what you can hear. Sometimes you hear more than you bargained for.




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