A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Dew drops

Time consuming, must wake early to collect, but oh so cool thing to own! It tightens your chest, when you have to be precise and gentle to get something so simple yet powerful.

I like dew drops, because they are the energy or of the waking world. Combined with the energies of the flowers they form on (including the pollen dust that gets stuck in it) and you get one rejuvenating potion for any spell you need to add some shine. Closest to fairy dust that I can think of.

The problem with this is it isn’t some mass product. In fact, it is no product at all. You really have to get up early, dress up warm and go hunt some water drops on the plants. But it is worth it.

They say if you collect dew drops on certain days then they will be more powerful or less powerful according to the charts. In folklore it was important to wash your face with dew on certain days to have healthy complexion and good health throughout the year. You can heal with that water. I’m not saying it is some miracle water, but because it is indeed water that forms on the surface of a plant out of the air, if you are witchy in your heart, you know how many elements here are at work.

I’m not sure how to describe how I use them. It really depends on when I can collect them and from where. If it is on the days, when we are “meant” to wash our faces with it, then it will be used for that. If it is collected on the early morning in general then it is used generally for rejuvenating spells, love spells (hahaa! yes, sometimes I do them, but that’s a whole different story) or for plants. I like to meddle a bit with it by collecting it in the morning of a full moon (two coins if the moon is still up) and then let it sit on the window or outside in the night time and gather the moon light on it too.

If my life decides to play tricks on me and there is just one morning I can go hunting for dew drops, then I do not miss Midsummer Day. As far as protection goes, it is most important one for me. Still not miracle water, but the one collected on Midsummer Day is my fairy dust. Just think of the possibilities! Dew drops gathered from pine trees or specifically from Bellflowers or perhaps Lady’s Mantle?




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