A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Candles

Candles are the best way and simplest way to get things done in today’s world. It is one of the simplest way to make a spell – have box of white candles, box of matches, a pin and a candle holder and you can do pretty much anything.

Well, I shyly say that that’s pretty much how I also get most of the stuff done. Candle is the bearer of fire to me – the basic energy. It’s nice to fiddle with the colors and all, but in reality all that, for me, is decorations. It’s the modern world going nuts over details. The basic is that you light a match, wish and have fun.

That doesn’t mean the details are not important. It’s just not important to me what color the candle comes in. If it is in some lovely shade and goes with the intent, that’s perfect or if I find the candle I like for the spell in the shop beforehand, but even if  I don’t have it, I don’t leave the spell undone, because I don’t have it.

Other things are important. Like that pin in the match box.

One of the first spell ways you learn is to use candle spells that use pins. Although lately I don’t stumble on them anymore so much, but doesn’t matter – I like them. The basic idea is that you choose your candle, get some oil (anything natural will do – rapeseed, sunflower, olive) and a pin. You think through what you want and with that pin carve the wish on the candle. As precise as you can think of it. Pour a bit oil in the cup you make of your hand – doesn’t need to be much  – and concentrate on the oil while thinking on your wish and fulfilling it.  You take your candle in your right hand and smear the oil in the middle and pull it towards the ends of the candles so the entire candle is covered with it. Place it on your candle holder and light it up with your right hand if you want to draw the thing you wish towards you or with your left hand if you wish to banish something or keep someone away. Now leave it to burn and that’s it.  Magic is indeed in simple thing.

Another method that I learned in the beginning – and still love – is that you hold three pins in your hand together with your candle. You think on your wish and while concentrating on it still you push those pins through your candle one by one. You oil it – gently! – and light it. That is all, the spell is cast, and you can continue your day without thinking on it further.

Yeah, candles are mighty tools if you know what you are doing. But as with everything else, it doesn’t have to be complicated and take a month. Sometimes all you really need to do is think, wish and light.




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