A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Introduction

I must be crazy, because ok, so I prepared it all last month. Thought of doing it on taboos and got a whole lot smarter during the research, but then, as with everything in this life – and like in the CampNano story – nothing works out the way you want it to. Or at least plan.

Still, with the preparations, which didn’t go as I planned – and heaven with them – I forgot I had also prepared the peeps in my phone to remind me the dates and now they are painfully reminding me of a promise I gave to myself and to the world that I still wanted to do the challenge.

So I’m still doing it. But on what?

Well, what else rolls around in my blog like mantra besides  writing and daily mishaps?

My love for the practical arts.

So why not do it on spell crafts? I know the world is full of homepages that provide all sorts of general info and more specific spells – and I’m not gonna give you my specific spells, because without your personal input spells, according to my experience, tend to work much less. But then again there are some methods – materials I use that might offer some interest and although the intent is not to toss it in the world as must-do’s, I too sometimes recall things that I learned years ago with “hmm! Why haven’t I used that for long time?”

So without longer ado, I begin with new post and new thing :).




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