A to Z Challenge – Spell crafts – Bottles, baskets, bags and boxes

I bet you expected a broom.

We often put a lot of thought into what’s in the container when not really thinking of what container we use.  Besides the fact that most folk I know is magpies in heart, when it comes to pretty little boxes, we don’t always thing about it.

When you read anthropology, you notice that there is one line that goes through spellwork and giving gifts to your gods – the containers are always new and often they are not made to last. Also, they are never re-used to anything else.

I like to be picky on what I use for spells. For example for binding spells I prefer thinks that have caps while if I work with energies that ought to protect the property or deal with wishes that are better to fly I prefer bowls or small baskets that will ooze their mightiness in the great beyond. Simple logic, of course.

The second rule I try to follow is that I don’t use the container to more than one spell. I have spells I repeat every year for protection and prosperity. If I repeat the spell, I tend to use the same container I used for the previous one after it has had some time to sit empty. However I will not use it to any other spell because the energies will clash and the memory of the last spell can hook toss the new spell out of balance.

With glass containers I am ripped in two. On one side I like them, because they often come in various colors and also you can keep liquids in them and the spells do stay firm. On the other hand the material is indeed like so – it keeps things perfectly well inside, but I think it goes with personal preference that I’m not that keen on that material.

When it comes to boxes and baskets, I don’t mind doing the containers myself. Origami boxes made of paper for example are perfect for the sort of spell I will get rid of later in the game or tin boxes  made out of old cans.  In the former you can choose design, if it has lid or not with lid and color according to how you want it, so it is very useful skill to pick up. Perfect for burial spells, because most papers do decompose over time. With latter I can edge any needed symbol on the box if I need to make a spell that must be heated or I need to burn candles on top or if its something that must sit on the cupboard for longer period of time to work.

Bags follow the same logic with boxes – the fabric, the style, the decorations the meanings, the writing are all behind your own imagination. I do prefer natural materials though. Closer to the heart.

Baskets I know I am able to make, because granddad is the craftsman and I’ve spent enough time searching the things with him and watched how he does it. Because baskets are the sort of things that don’t need to be only from willow or hazel or oak (oh how I wish I knew how to make those baskets!), the skills can be used to make them out of other stuff too. Perfect for floating things, collecting things from nature, leaving things in nature.

I know it seems tedious to make your own baskets and bags and boxes, but the upside is that you can personalize your craft indefinitely.



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