A to Z Challenge – Spell Crafts – Acorns

Acorns are the symbols of our crafts. Not only because they are useful beyond words, but because of the legend that in medieval times to recognize another one in practicing of the “arts” you gave the other an acorn. If they were in the crafts, they recognized the symbolic value of it.

I spent my first years of life near a forest that was full of oaks and on our lands was a groove of oaks that had grown from the old tree plantation. The trees are pre-grown before they are planted in the cleaned forest areas, so that was kind of a reminder of a forest that was forgotten. Well, it grew in a mighty circle of oaks with hazelnut trees picked between them and strawberries and liverwort growing underneath. It was beautiful and the laundry mom used to dry there on the clotheslines smelled as if air itself was happy to be there.

To me oak as a tree is without doubt the power tree, the base energy carrier, the Father Tree. Every tree has different flows and power they resonate. It is one of those that balance the energies in spells. I collect them in the autumn and keep them on the table together with chestnuts and some dried up leaves.

One way I use them is to just hold them in my pocket when I feel I need the energies with me to be productive, because it helps when you need the steady male energy to lead your day and help you concentrate. I do believe it protects the wearer. Because it grounds you, you take things less emotionally and thus you can understand better if someone lies to you. So it kind of keeps true that oak protects against lies. I sure would give an oath or demand you hold acorns in your hand if I get fed up by someone lying and want to know the truth. Because as strange as it is, you can actually see if someone is lying to you under the oak.

I tend to cut it in small pieces and dry it for pouches as the base material. I don’t always powder things to unrecognizable mess. What I don’t do is pin needles in them. Because acorns are the base energy, one of the best male energy carriers, to me it is like earth – you don’t pin things in it, you don’t stab it.


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