End of the world is near!

In the light of recent events there is something that I would like to be clear on.

I am Pagan – it is not an invitation to be converted.

There’s no such thing that “I see you are religious, therefore you’re already half Christian and thus all you would have to do is convert to the right religion!”.

I do not switch between religions just because a better one comes around. Not to be Christian is decision I made when I was sober, sane and aware of all the given facts. It is based not on the propaganda, but on thorough research and years of experience. 

I like Christianity based on Bible and people I’ve met, but there are things I can’t accept and I have made my peace with God through prayer and through visits to church. So yes, I can say I have made my peace. Can you say the same?

And for love of God, something as stupid as “We began  counting our known time with his birth, so he (Christ) must be somewhat important” is now categorized under one of the stupidest pick-up lines I’ve heard from Christian missionary work. 


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