I am one of the odd old fashioned breed that believes that promises are for keeping. That you don’t toss them in air just to please others, but you only give those that you can keep, or at least try to keep.

This means no “We’ll keep contact in the future!” or “We’ll catch up later” or “Send it to me, I’ll read it!”

The double L in the end of those I and we…

I’m feeling discouraged to write today. Sent some of the works to friends, who promised to read them. Only to hear excuses today again in style “sorry, forgot!” and “sorry, didn’t even have time for…”

I don’t want to do this anymore only for my own amusement. It seems that my stories are written only for my own eyes and with the vast internet we have today, probably the only one, who finds their way to my stories is me.

I’ve been working hard for the next month, to get stories done in time to go through the Challenge and publish them daily. OH goody! I can see depression forming its dark blanket around me just by thinking on it. It was such fun and inspiration just days ago and suddenly, after getting again no feedback besides “send them to me, I’ll…”, it feels so pointless to go through with it.

I’m sorry that I am not all that positive about it. It just seems to follow the trend – no readers and and only promises I should have no right to even expect to be kept.

I’m just asking – who would read them if even friends just make promises.

I just…

I guess all I really want is to see one promise kept? That if you promise you’ll send a post card that you will and if you promise you’ll read my story, you will. So instead of saying “I read another boring book” you could say “I liked that character of yours, but the background was a bit fussy”.

For right now I am standing still in a desert and feel like a ghost.




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