As I’m currently dealing with loads of letters that need to be organized by who still lives in the house and who does not, it made me think of the imaginary worlds and the way family names are used there. I’m currently working on building up a fantasy world, so it kind of suited the topic. Should start taking notes on it, marking down what I’ve thought and wondered.

Niece has chicken pox. I’m not sure if I have had them in the past or not, but with our co-existence, I don’t think I am able to avoid them, if I haven’t. If I have had them, well, then there won’t be any problems, would there.

Oh! By the way, I have moved. In with sis. Not quite what I had in mind and a lot of stuff still unpacked, which will probably will be forever unpacked given the circumstances, it is so weird. I have no other way to put it.

It doesn’t help that I’m currently on some story hangover. It’s called Belonging, a fanfiction by The Forgotten Nobody. It’s short and not that well written, but I guess it hit a cord and it doesn’t let me go. With strange things happening in some of the forums, where I really feel as if I’m being set aside the same way – no matter how irrational the thoughts – and I walk around with cloudy sensation. The situation is simple – one member keeps swapping “rooms” each time I log on. And if I’m on, she doesn’t speak to me at all. This really gets to the brain if you notice the pattern happening for several weeks. I can know the reasons and in sense there is no problems that I’m aware of, but that feeling that you’re the cause… It’s just so… Indescribably depressing.

It is the thing of mine. I don’t take it well, when I’m being grind on the edge of groups. I have been in this situation as a child and I must say, the sensation you get, when you walk in the room and some people just glance at you, get up and walk out… Let’s just say it is cutting up old wounds and makes me boil in the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Had doctor’s appointment today. And one few days earlier. It seems my blood sugar is still not normalizing and it is slightly scaring me. However that wasn’t as scary as doc saying I need extra D vitamin and a lot of it. It seems it has gone so small in few months that I need to take seemingly monster load to get it back to normal.

So yes, writing itself has been on back stage for few days. I’ve been busy and had to go around a lot.




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