Lets dig for gold!

If somebody would tell my tooth that it is not normal to start aching not in the evening but in the middle of the night, that would be great.  I’ve had root canal pain before – I know it like the back of my hand. What can I say? I have teeth that have tendency to choose the worst possible thing. Only this time it’s different – it doesn’t start around five in the evening like they usually do. It loves to let itself known around 2 in the night! It wakes me up and then it’s like someone screaming in my mouth – “I have decided to go dig some gold!” . Makes me wonder if earth feels the same way with someone constantly digging for gold?

I know I need to go to see dentist for this. I assure you I am gathering my strength.

The thing is I dislike dentists. It’s not their fault – as people I have no problems with any of them. But since I was forced to go to new ones, because my old one moved from town, my fear has got oh so slightly worse. I have never had anxiety problems, but when I went to see the other dentist I had pure clean panic attack. I have no other way of describing that. They had to give me sedative to calm me down enough to go through the process.

The best part of it – my FMC in my WIP is a dentist! I even tried to research for her to write a chapter describing her at work, but felt so disgusted reading the text I couldn’t finish even the first chapter. So I have a dentist with no work description besides being fired from that job.

And I blame my teeth! Out of all the problems to be prone to, they chose root canals! It didn’t help that my other dentist told me she won’t fix my other tooth before I have one old one removed. That did not help with my panic. And now that tooth has root canal problem and suddenly I’m facing the panic attack just by thinking on it.

So yes, I know I need to go and see a dentist, but first I need enough mightiness to go and make an appointment. And money to do so. Dentists, they are seriously radical in their pricing.

As always, I end this blight with ancient cry – why must teeth have nerves? We talked about the big mistake in creation that must be redone? Here I present it to you – teeth should not have nerves! Especially if the only thing they know what to do with them is to wake you up in the middle of the night with their conquests on finding gold inside your scull.



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