A to Z challenge interview with myself or explaining my topic

Preparing for the April’s challenge is going good. I have only 11 letters left to find the topic for and to find the story to go with it. It has turned to be quite a challenge, as it turns out there is no clear line of what is and what could be considered taboo in today’s world. The task is gone harder as I realized there are topics even in my fantasy rich world that I find too horrifying to “face”. Or in other words, decided I don’t want to work with.

Why I chose “taboo” as my main topic?

Because it fascinates me. I read about them and try to understand, why or how they exist in our societies. They are like rulers we can’t see, but which dictate our good taste and the way we interact with each other.

The other reason is my writing style. In order to portray character right, I need to understand the morals that make them tick. Best way is to explore them. 🙂

What will  I try to explore?

I try to find the subtopics that are not always considered a taboo in broad sense. Yes, there is widely discussed topics, like gender or race, but there are far more urging matters than categorizing someone based on those two. If I find more specific topic, I consider adding it to the list. But I’m searching the kind of topics that don’t usually make it to the top 10. For example isolation inside society or child neglect. At quick glance it doesn’t seem so pressing as gender issues, but that’s my point – with all the big topics, those are left out. We don’t talk about them.

How will I explore them?

Like with everything, those topics also have exceptions, they’re not black or white. So I try to find something that inspires a story out of it and give to the reader that story instead. The purpose of those stories are not to vindicate or justify the taboos, but to make you see them differently. I just hate writing moralizing essays that do nothing for it.

Parental advising? 

As I am writing on topics that need either explanation or closer exploration, I would like to raise my hand and say – it is not my place to teach your children! As the whole topic is in the light of “grownup topics”, then I will add the warning on the homepage that it is not for underage children. However, I will not start putting warning on each story separately as I have done here now and then.  They are taboo topic after all.

The final word: 

I am not the character I am portraying. What I write does not portray my inner thoughts either. It’s imagination. Darker perhaps than your common person, but still – imagination. Not a fantasy, a wishful thinking, but pure imagination through eyes of a character. Think of Princess and the Frog – I can imagine princess kissing the frog, but you can never get me do that in real life.


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