Winds are changing

Oh how good it feels, when you realize that you woke an hour before the alarm clock, showered, had breakfast and are then ready to step outside, already stretching the boots on… and then your alarm clock goes off and you realize that actually it’s your third alarm and you are still in bed and lost 20 minutes of your morning. It must be the cruelest joke nature can pull on a human being.

On Monday I am going to sign a housing contract to move together with sis. I am dead scared and exited and… in truth I have no idea what I’m actually experiencing right now. No idea what so ever. But on Monday I am signing the new contract and that’s a good thing. Will start packing soon after and that is the part that terrifies me – being alone and in love with books means I have loads of them. While sis has been trying to lessen the load at her room, I’m like “Here! I have six times more to replenish your empty space!”. I do have my own bookshelves.

Signed up for April’s challenge – “A to Z Challenge“. The idea is that every day except Sundays I write something in theme that starts with one of the letters in alphabet. Which actually, now that I think of it, falls on the same time CampNaNo takes place… Hmm, perhaps it isn’t that bad actually. I already have an idea I’d like to explore in Camp, so perhaps it will be helpful for that too. So instead of minimum 1667 words per day it would be 2000 minimum per day. Hmm, with my illogically wired brain… why not?

The A to Z Challenge caught my eye, because I’m currently trying to do more prompts and just explore what comes from visual inspiration. I’m blog nr 697 and I decided to put the results up in Lota Of Nettleweed blog.  I did add warning AC (adult content) to my blog, because it is there. Perhaps yet not so profoundly sex related, but it’s there and probably will come more. There sure are topics there that would use parental guidance. I won’t do any hide-n-seek with mature content. The general warning is given and if you choose to ignore it, you must be ready to read what is there.

Ok. I think that’s it for today, folks. I probably will create myself a list beforehand for the prompts.  As a theme, I keep thinking on taboos. Why not?

A to Z challenge wallpaper calendar


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