Viking costume

Ok, as this last input was rather hurtful to my nature, but which had to be said or I would have been pondering over it for a while and now all I wonder is if her family thinks I’m racist because of her words, and honestly, I just want to let it go and be done with that, then I have other things to think and wonder about.

Today, I was packing some of my old ideas up to bring them to town and happened on something. Few Nano-s back I wrote a story. As one should if taking part of Nano. Only, I had completely forgotten about it. Yup, seen the file among my other files, but not really given it a second thought. So imagine my surprise when I found a whole printout of it, ready for editing. When did I print it out? But the surprise has merit – I only had the last few chapters to write. Everything else is there and waiting for the editing process. So I tossed that one in the bag with everything else and had it all bind in two volumes. So now I suddenly have a book in editing stage…

Another news. As I was unpacking and cleaning my place, I had some of the stuff I’ve got lately laid out on my bed. I realized I was staring at a set of a beginning of a viking costume. You know, I had there roll of leather (which is waiting for a while now to become some card boxes, bags and knife covers), my viking knife, the rest of my tools and my cards, my runes… Warmed my heart actually. Why not make one? Why not meddle on? I would love to try out making some of those bone decorations for the belts as I saw in the Sami museum or perhaps the bone needle cover – did they have something like that in 8th century?

Well, time to find out what I’m capable of. I’ve spent entire year ogling on tablet weaving patterns and the color combinations, stitches they made – why not go ahead and do it then? Start small, perhaps by finally finishing the holder for the knife. I missed it so much on my trip to Oslo.  First time I left it home since I got it.

I still am crocheting niece’s blanket. That child grows so fast I can hardly keep up with adding new patterns!

Gave in and ordered myself tablet weaving set of 24 tablets of oak and ash together with a shuttle. Next month will come the wools and then plenty of practice. Perhaps start with those ribbons used to keep the wrappings up…?

Or perhaps finish that knife holder first and the book. Oh yes. The treasure of mine. That knowledge would have been treasure even back then. 🙂

Or learn how to naalbind some slippers or something…

Tablet weaving




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2 responses to “Viking costume

  1. Tablet weaving is a lot easier to learn if you get someone to show you, I can do a lot of the complicated stuff but I still can’t make sense of any of the beginners books

    • LC Aisling

      I’ve come to the same conclusion – looking at the pictures doesn’t quite give on how you’re suppose to turn the tablets exactly. But we should have some local course on it. At least by Hanseatic days :).

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