Entitled for a dance

It’s been LONG holidays for me. Mostly filled with school and travelling though, but I must say in the end it was quite rewarding, given I got surprisingly lot done. It was mostly house work and studies, but hey – those need to be done too.

I started writing again. When I was at my grandparent’s place, we got ill, niece and I. Nothing serious, but tedious stomach bug. Something in my brain decided that it was liberating act enough to get my mind rolling over trivia ideas. Grabbed my notebook and wrote away! Then got home, dealt with being sick and going for exams, which unfortunately didn’t work out, and wrote till teeny hours of the morning , which did nothing to tame that bug. But it was so funny, to feel the writing rush again and I couldn’t help it. If you think of the “Feeling Good” song by Buble and mix it with “Trashing the Camp” song from Tarzan animation you’ve got the right gig going. That weird marathon of nearly not enough sleep tainted with being on legal drugs and running errands ended up with 8 pages of text on the most strangest ideas, which might even work :).

I did one more thing. Because I always am in need of some insurance of a sort, I decided to get myself a box for dry ingredients like buckwheat, rice, etc. I’m in no means hoarder, but as I did have few extra euros left, I decided I might as well do the small investment. Altogether cost me not more than 15 euros together to get few extra bags of dry ingredients and a box for them. For dry spells. Just so sis and I have somewhere to turn to in case we run out of money for a while. Not for big emergencies as, well, they don’t come up that often here and we’ve never been the sort of people, who whine, when the electricity goes for days or can’t find ways to keep ourselves warm if the heating blows up. Just so we have some insurance so we can breath a bit easier.

And then I got back to work! And dug out my mails that I skipped reading for about 4 days. I just had no interest having to deal with that part as well. Switching off from internet can come with great rewards of self preservation :). Plus, if you have this gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS Synonym Finder under your left elbow, there is no need for internet dictionaries! That book is just amazing! I kept rolling the pages and just reading how differently one can say things!

As I was at it, I also did a lot of reading. I read through one online story of 100k, which by itself doesn’t count for literature, but I loved the way she expressed the feelings there and how she developed the plot and how she kept true to the characters and it kept me hooked until the very end. Then I read 7 short stories from the anthologies and started reading Orc series by Stan Nicholls. I’ve read contrary reviews on it, but I decided I’ll see it myself. It’s standard fantasy and it is pound to be liked by some and hated by others. Sometimes I just love reading those bad things – they can have some cool surprises.

I also ordered two old favorites from Julie Garwood – The Prize  and Saving Grace. I used to have them as audio books, but something happened with the files and I can’t access them anymore and can’t find reasonably priced replacement either. Can’t find reasonably find paper edition either as it seemed, especially if you don’t want abridged edition. Why those things even exist… I was in luck and finally found what I wanted and now I’m waiting, exited over historic chit-lit that would make others squeal in embarrassment. Yeaaaah, but they are my old favorites, so squeal on!

Which brings me to the reason, why I’m right now entitled for a dance. Read my emails and deleted and skipped what was not important or old or trivia and found one that made me gulp for air. Respond from the magazine I sent my story to. With all my luck lately… Opened it, read it, gulped for more air…


Oh the mightiest! I will be published! So yeeeh, my story will be published in JESS in their first number. I believe I’m entitled for a dance. And perhaps a cup of good strong coffee.


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