I have a play!

I found a rarity among my old writings!

I happened on The Langoliers on Youtube. Jolt in my heart reminded me the good old days, when the grass lacked the feel and sound and oh the glory of smell-free skies… It scared me back in the days, when I first saw it on TV, like every proper Stephen King story does, but I still managed to force everybody in my family watch it, because I wanted to know what happened in it. Which reminded me another little story, tucked away among other notebooks and papers filled with childish scribbles. If I remember it correctly, I wrote a play based on that show!

Off I went and I searched it out. I knew I had drawn pictures based on characters in the movies and animations like every proper middle schooler, but I didn’t remember writing a play on any. But here it was, cut out pages of an old notebook neatly stapled together and repaired in some parts where the scissors had cut too deep in the writing.

There it is, proof that my first fan fiction was written years before I even knew what I was doing.

Laurel Stevenson and Nick Hopewell. Indeed a couple that would have been ideal for any fan fiction writer nowadays. They were like gold mine – two entirely different people, yet the magic was there and there were very few, who wouldn’t blown air to the flame if given the chance. I didn’t like the ending of the couple presented in the story and I thought that this was the reason, why I had written it, but surprisingly, it was totally the opposite. I didn’t like the ending, that much was true, but instead of writing a happy ending for them, I took time to explain myself completely, why they were too different to be together. In my small play Nick deliberately played out a cruel show to convince Laurel that he wasn’t the type to be together with. So instead of the ending, I played around the middle, changing the thinking behind their decisions, make my brain understand what was not said.

Despite the story being only 8 pages long, scribbled it rather large letters, it surprised me. I remember being very into movie making back then. I still am! Yes, it was childish, but it surpsied me that my first fan fiction was based on something like Langoliers, rather than Biker Mice from Mars or Sky Dancers

And it was what landed me the job of writing the 9th grade school play! OH my God, I have a play that someone has played out and has been on stage?


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