Cypress problems

I found out my Lemon Cypress is actually Fake Cypress. Not thanks to the flower shop people. But as I have never seen cypress in real life before, I guess it is amendable mistake. 

The reason I started searching again is that my darling tree is not doing so well and I’m desperate to find out, why. The ends, almost all the new growth this year, has dried out. I am suspicious that it might be the fault of the new fertilizer I bought and dry spell that lasted few days. Though I can’t see how, considering that it didn’t dry out that bad. But now the ends are dry again and I’m frustrated to no end to how to fix it. I don’t mind if it looks a bit dismantled  – as long as I get my tree back. 

I have asked some blogs of gardeners, who were boasting with new ideas for the festive season and DIY mini gardens using Fake Cypresses. And I’ve got no reply! Where else should I ask? The shop owners have only given me instructions to water it well, never let it dry completely out and keep on window. And how should I  prune it? When is the right time? 

Well, I might sound like broken record right now, but I don’t think I have any choice but take up pruning later tonight. I am dead scared, I admit, but I want it to survive so I can pet on my darling little tree. I’m not giving up on it! I will learn how to care for it properly. And that new fertilizer is out! It may be specially for pot trees, but if that was the reason mine looks so dreadful right now, I am most displeased!

I was hoping to add Conifer in the punch, but with this site right now – I’m not sure I want to. I’ll first want to get this darling back in shape.  

If anyone can even meagerly shoot me in any direction with why the ends of cypress dry, I’d very much appreciate the info. 


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