Emotional needs

I think I’m in the sort of dilemma time right now, where I so want to write, but whatever I feel like writing escapes me when I take up my pen and start. I know I said I’m done with writing, but I’m afraid it doesn’t mean my graphomaniac (sidetracking – word check keeps offering me nymphomaniac…) tendencies have disappeared over night. That is probably one thing that doesn’t happen.  Still, that feeling – I am familiar with it to know that at some point it will be like explosion. But until then – all I can do is wait.

I added the blog link to my writings in the sideboard :). I would appreciate some feedback, really. I feel like stumbling on one spot right now, because I don’t know how I’m developing and that is torturous.

Anyway, back to what I was thinking on, when I started writing this here.

I’ve been reading lately a lot of short stories from various places online, searching them by certain topic. It isn’t an easy topic I’m searching right now, but it made me wonder. If today’s reader is emotion based chooser, as I wrote before, then there is whole level of emotions that many are not catering. I know it, because for time being the only one, who has written the sort of emotion wrenching story I want to read, is only one fanfiction author! And even in her case, she isn’t writing the sort of story I… want…to read…

I think  I need to do some exploring…



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