I updated the gingerbread recipe with how to make the syrup. It has been long time since I have made the syrup by scratch and as we tried it out this week-end, I had fresh experience :). It wasn’t as hard as I remembered it to be. Perhaps, because I had few kicks first with caramel pudding?

Which reminds me that I need to transfer any other recipes I use to here. Apparently, when I finished one google accounts I had, I deleted my cooking blog as well. So now I need to renew some of the info I held there. Simple things, like how to make perfect porridge or prepare kissel or other intriguing experiments I don’t have here yet. I know they seem like “why?” posts at first, but there are surprisingly many, who can’t even cook an egg. And the purpose of that cooking blog was to give support to some of my relatives and friends, who were just beginning their cooking experimenting. So things I had there were indeed the simplest of simplest, yet useful.

Which brings me to my next experiment, which will come handy with the upcoming cold and windy season. In Estonia, we have a cream that is used for small cuts and bruises for it helps to heal the wound faster. It is a very simple, yet effective little thing that is sold in apothecaries or made at home in quick go. Safe, if you’re not allergic to the ingredients, that is.

Kriimukreem (Cream for bumps and scratches):
!It is not the exact consistency the apothecary version has – it is recipe I got from my grandmother years back)!

5 ml of olive oil (or infused oil of calendula and/or chamomile)
5 gr of bees wax
5 grams of grind propolis

Cut the bees wax in smaller pieces and grind the propolis. Put them all in small cup, heat them together and drop in the small container equal to the mass you use (15 grams in total in this case). Mix it while it cools. You can mess up with the amounts a bit – it will still work.  Small amount, but it will last for long in the fridge.

It is one of those general creams that you can use on almost anything – from scratches and bruises to creaming your face in the evening if your skin gets dry from weather or use it on hands if they crack in bad weather. It is too oily to be daily body cream, but it helps a lot.

Also, it having no extra ingredients, means it is safe for children from young age. I keep it in the fridge in reach of children (oh the mighty taboo of all the medicine!). If you teach your child from young age, what it is for, then they use it soon by themselves, too. But I can be sure that if they do – and even if they use it to play – it won’t harm them any way.  They taste it, yes, but most of them don’t like the bland taste of it ;).

It is pretty much the same for lip balm ;).


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