Home. Home! Home?

Things have been developing in the speed of light. Just months ago I was wondering when will that day come, when I get a place that I can start shaping by my own wants and needs. Now, tomorrow, I’m suddenly going for a loan counseling to figure out exactly what my options are so we can start bidding on apartments, because then we could be out of dormitories by the end of next month. How… crazy is that?

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around the idea that we are suddenly actually thinking on getting an apartment. I am dead scared, to be honest. It is big responsibility and there are no second chances in this. It has to be right. And livable in both money sense, in company sense and in space… sense.

It surprised me how demanding I was, when it comes to choosing the right place. Well, I am going to live there the rest of my life if some meteorite doesn’t mess things up. So, excuse me, if I am picky and have my demands. Position is very important, only sis and I are still on very different understandings on where we want to be.  I have my needs and on this one, I am not willing to give in that much. It has to be in town. Not in the county with lyric ideals, but in city, where I can maintain a job, get a new one if necessary and know that if arthritis really kicks in, I am not stranded somewhere with no help. Yes, I may be my late 20s, but I do think about such things.

The list is actually arm length, but I don’t think I’m going to take it all through. But I am nervous and anxious, because there is so much on stake right now and everything is moving so fast.

Plus it is time to begin winter preparations. I begin this year with making the gingerbread dough ahead. I have friend over for week-end and I am thrilled by the idea that I’ll have her do it. Under my supervision, of course.

It’s been such a busy day and I need some good sleep before tomorrow to have my nerve up and remember all that she will tell us. Dead scared right now.

Oh, and it isn’t helping that Little Mermaid’ song is running amok in my head – The seaweed is always greener, in someone else’s lake…


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