I’m currently going over my calendar and fixing timings in every one of them according to birthdays, holidays that are not public, when to do what, Moon timings in calendars that have none… and I began wondering, why on earth do I do this?

Timing is considered one of the best things a witch can know. You need to time your doings according to calendar and Moon so to get the best result in magic. True or False?

I remember doing spells before I learned about magic. They were nifty little things. One thing I remember though, was that I never timed them. Just woke up one day, feeling like it and then I went and did it.  But nowadays it’s all about finding that right time in the calendar. Or is it? Most of my planning is still done so that I just wake up with the notion that it is time to do something. And then I take out the calendar and see what is the best closest time for it – Waning Gibbous for banishing, Full Moon for things that demand most energy, Waxing Crescent for growth. Yet this is not always all that can guarantee good results for the spell. The more I do them by timing them according to all those magical almanacs out there, the harder I find to get them to work.

Which lead me to learn that the best time for the spell is still when you feel it is the right time to do something. Not when some calendar tells you. I tried to follow a calendar last year and I feel it got me more messed up in timing than when I followed my instincts. There are just too many spells, where things can go wrong and you only boil up a mess in capital letters. Mostly because by the time the right time comes, you have missed the moment and power of your mind is at it’s low. Learn to trust the Moon and yourself. Then Moon will guide you and you get that recognition, when to do something.  I suggest the beginners to give it a try – in my case it tends to work so that I get the recognition about a week before the perfect timing. And even then I don’t know for sure if the spell worked or not. That is different part entirely. Some spells work with half a year delay :).

I made a protection spell once. A candle and such, a simple one. I decided to get it right by following the all-mighty suggestions of the internet. I was young then, I must add. The night came and the time was there… and I simply didn’t feel it. I knew I wanted the spell, but never got around the feeling that if I start the spell now, things will turn ugly, because it wasn’t the right time. So I didn’t do it. But I woke up two days later feeling that this is the time and this is it and now or never. Got up, did it right there, in my pajamas and it worked perfect.

What I mean by this mumbling – there is time and place for everything. The more I practice, the more I trust my instinct to tell me, when to do something. I don’t perform so many spells according to calendars anymore and this has cut them nearly to half. Yet the outcome percentage is much higher. There are spells that I still do according to seasons outside or time of day or because someone asked for them. I do them, when the need comes for them. Not just in case. It can be Midsummer’s Eve and best time for protective bindings, yet if I don’t feel like it, I’m not doing it. Some of those spells last a month, some disappear in air in less than two hours, other lasts half a year. They have different energies. And it’s natural.  It depends on so many things, you just need to learn to sense it.

Making the same spell twice doesn’t even give you the same results. Wheat spell for example.
First case: It worked perfectly without me having to re-power it for entire year. It just sat there and did its magic.
Second case: The spell lasted about two months. Then one day I walked past it and felt it had lost it. It felt lifeless. Yet there was nothing different. Remind you, I don’t add protection shields around spells if the only people, who pass that place, are my family members.
Third case:  Worked half a year and then weakened. I fed it and re-powered it and it has worked lovely for nearly a year. I will re-do it on Yule this year.
All of them were made on the same time each year. The first came in action, because of need. The second was to try it again and timed according to the Moon phase and astrological timing and the third one was only done by Moon phase and Ah! Now’s the time! sensation.

There are many out there, who believe that after they have cast a spell, that the power that spell holds, keeps forever until they undo it. As I said, I don’t believe that spells can be undone, only altered to change the not wished outcome.
Be as it is, I think that what I have learned in practice, is that all the spells fade. We bind the energy to it from Cosmos (let’s call it that), bind it to the items for the purpose and then we leave it to sit, to do it’s work. In some cases the spell is meant to go back to Cosmos to take the spell energy there. Other spells are meant to filter energies in local sense. But over time, I believe all of them loose their power eventually. Some, when the deed is done, some, when the energy simply fades back in time and world it came from.

And is it really that bad? The energies used in May get worn out by October and regained by the time they are needed again, fresh and renewed like white linen in spring Sun. Nothing lasts in this world and everything must return in circulation eventually. Same is with the energy we use for spells.  


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