Build your house on rock, not on sand

Mom let me know today that, after she’s talked it through with dad, that if we take loan together, we could instead of searching of a place to rent, we could actually buy one instead. Like, together with sis. Which in reality means that mom and I will be paying for the loan.  And now I’m suddenly searching instead of renting, on how to buy a place…

There are many life changes going on right now, which, as usually, I can’t speak about much. But long story short, it means that my place in the dorm begins to seem suspicious. Not that it was got through suspicious ways, which it was not, but that the purpose of it is kinda loosing out. It has always been a place we all meet and kind of a center of our lives, but as things change, I’m guessing it is indeed time to rethink the ways and move on. Which is sad, because I really like my little nook.

However, as I am doing this with sis and not on my own, all my plans so far  are waving me good-bye. We have slightly different wants on the apartment, as it is normal for two different people. So we need to figure out the middle way. Plus the insurance and the rest of the paperwork, including on whose name it will be and the daily money thing… It’s actually quite a big task, considering it is a responsibility I’ll be taking on my shoulders for 20 to 30 years. But at least we would HAVE the apartment and would only pay for utilities. And, well, I wouldn’t mind having something by the time we retire. But just to be on the safe side, I am thinking of doing the legal paperwork beforehand so we are on the same terms on who is the owner and who it goes to after I’m gone, because there have been just too many cases, where this has not been done and families break apart duo some petty yelling over an old apartment.

Yup, that’s what I’m up now. Searching an apartment that would be cheep, but would cover our needs and trying to see myself 20 years in the future. That is hard…

Besides that we got 2 tons of concrete today, which we again loaded off a truck with 3 people. My back and my hands are hurting, but with the latter, I’m not sure if the concrete is to be blamed. Something’s going on with my hands and I have a bad hunch it is to do with arthritis. In which I must get some help, because my hands are what feed me. And I just rediscovered crocheting!

But in the end, one thing that mom said to me, rang true – and why I am kind of into moving together with sis – I want to keep eye on how my niece is developing and growing.

Which brings us to another topic – my niece will want a dog and I must say I don’t think I could refuse… Yet then again, Madli is not city dog and she has issues, when it comes sharing my love with anyone…


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