I was in a research lab, doing some basic tests there. It was nighttime, evening perhaps, but far from midnight. I felt like ten in the evening. It wasn’t a hospital, but a regular research facility with several smaller rooms, basic equipment, things like that.

There was a celebration, because some archeologists had come back from their diggings with a bone they said would prove the link between the apes and humans. They showed it up and it looked like the Wishbown on the chicken, only much larger and slightly curvier, I remember thinking it would fit nicely around the newborns ass. Pardon that, but it was a dream.

On that evening I remember watching aside as a woman and a man were brought in on a carrier, somebody said they had an accident. The woman was pregnant, on the last verge and she had a baby right there, in the facility. It was a boy.

There was a storm outside, so the paramedics stayed there too. The archeologists told their story to them, too. Shortly, people didn’t have that bone duo genetic disorder, which simply didn’t grow it to them. But the apes did and that bone had a genetic material, which proves that humans were nothing more than freaks of nature. That we would still be apes if we did have it and that it turns out that human form started off as a disease – we were missing the important part to be an ape. Odd thing was, they theorized that should the bone be put back we would turn back to our normal form, which would be an ape. That the sickness would be cured through a simple operation.

I guess they tried it out.

Next time I remember I was already running. There were screams and yelling and people running pass. I was in the room, where they kept the baby in, with a very old teddy bear, because it was warm there and it was empty of all the chemical things. They kept the hospital trolleys there. Some man ran to us, grabbed the child from the cradle.

Then I saw the huge gorillas and I hid under the farthest trolley and he tossed the boy to me, also hiding under the trolleys. I tried to keep very quiet while the gorilla was going around, it was odd he didn’t see us. Then the man moved one of the trolleys by accident and suddenly that huge thing was above us and dragged the man away.

Then came a moment of silence, which I filled with maniacally dismantling the teddy bear and I hid the baby in it. I knew the gorillas were the humans, who got the bone back and they’ve turned back into gorillas (go figure how, but I seriously believed it was an epidemic) and thus they would think the teddy is a teddy and wouldn’t make the difference and if they weren’t thinking like humans anymore, then it meant they still wouldn’t think twice when seeing a lifeless thing.

The next vision came when I got out of the house. I was at my home and it was all black and I couldn’t recognize half of it – it was all ugly, old and most buildings had either burnt down or crashed in.

I held the teddy against me hard so I wouldn’t loose him and just ran on the road towards the river. I had to get pass that and into the woods, though it was heavily raining and I knew it would be all wet and hard to move in. Somebody shot at me and the two other men, who were running with me in the same direction.

Suddenly someone grabbed me from back and pulled me back down on the road side. I looked up and saw men with guns. Not local, dressed oddly, sort of like a mix of cowboys and… odd. People around here don’t dress like that. The one that pulled me down was dressed in black denim and vest and had this bolo tie? He was tall, Croatian I think, dark neck-long hair. He was dusty, like he’d just fell face-in into some powdered road dust? It was creepy seeing that in the middle of a rain. He tossed his smoke away and gave his rifle to men standing behind him.

I pushed the baby against my chest and only begged that they wouldn’t hurt him. They looked baffled, like I was crazy and I realized they weren’t seeing me holding a baby, but a teddy bear. The man grabbed the teddy from my hand and I think I screamed. He almost dropped it, shocked, I think it was then he realized he was holding a living creature.


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