Sometimes things will end so other things can rise

I’m closing this account. For too many times I write the article, scratch it up, then pick it up, write new one and then delete it too. 

Spock would say “I have been compromised.”

I am done with journaling and with FB. Why I keep letting those things get to me? Often the arguments, the expectation of responses that never arrive…

Time to make an end to it. You won’t get responses if you don’t expect them. If you don’t put yourself in position, where you expect a dialog and realize you are having a monologue. Having online friends doesn’t really work. Too often you are let to rant. Too often you just watch. Like a sidekick show.

I need real people to understand me. But lately, I think I’m not cut out even for that.

Take care!
Write well, may the magic be with you always and may the Sun and the Moon shine you light on your darkest days.


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