Last week of Year and a Day

On Mabon’s eve  is the last day of my Year and A Day program and then I am fully fledged witch.

Oh the mightiness!

Full year of practice and celebrations and studies and I actually am finishing?!? Even after being practicing for 15 years prior this, I must say that realization has got me shaking.  It came to me last night that something is off. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was eerily weird. Then, when we finished the work and I lay down on the bed, it hit me – when did I began the studies?  I started shuffling through my calendars! Mabon! Double Mabon. I started on Mabon last year again and did it my way, holiday by holiday, comparing different aspects, getting to know Lord and Lady, trying out tricks of the trade, creating protective charms and do spells, doing the exams online… Now it has been rhythmical daily life for nearly a year and I have this sudden sensation that just as it has turned now to normal life, it would be really cool to end the program on Mabon as well.

Butterflies and stingers!!!!

I can’t believe I actually did it?


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