Visiting friend and new challenges

Today I was babysitting my niece.  I went to pick her up at kindergarten in the evening and then spent some time with her before having to come to work.  We went to see a friend of mine and we took her a gift – self made bowl with fresh yellow autumn leaves assortment, acorns and assortment of stones niece had picked from the road, some crow feathers and to top it all – three pictures she had made in kindergarten.


We just felt like it. So out of the blue we went, we talked, we laughed, we watched TV and just enjoyed ourselves.

It’s odd not to be doing something with my hands. I tried watching movies without doing anything and it is driving me nuts. But I want to concentrate on writing for a while now. And studies, of course.

I got thinking last night. I was reading a chapter on describing something in your stories.  When was the last time we did the test, where you close up one sense and then see how your other senses react to that? It would be interesting test to make again. I did do the silent days and such with Year and a Day program, but I can’t really say I consciously wanted to describe it. It was different. So why not do that for my writing as well?

As my friend said: “Your problem is not in how you write. We need to figure out how to get you writing again.” I realized he is right. I have been more obsessed on how I do it and lost my potential by being afraid to get it wrong. So today I went and printed myself out one of those 100 theme challenges, this one was particularly for couples. So if I’m not writing my book, I can tease myself by putting the characters in those situations and see how that works out.

One by one, the will is done.


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