Luain of Nettleweed

I have revamped my tarot blog to respond more about my needs. What is the best way to recall what you have learned? By typing it once more. So I have began translating my Luain in English for that blog. It is as much as info for others as it is for myself. I like my book of shadow, but the reality is, half of the notebooks I have as my Luain, have no order in them, plus some notebooks are as old as I am. It’s why I’ve began making my new Luain as well.

I have began translating it in English for three reasons.

One – you don’t speak Estonian. If I put it up in Estonian, it wouldn’t make much sense in the universal internet community.  Yes, it puts me out there openly as a witch, but, well, I’m tired of being half way in half way out with this and taking that I have now 15 years (thank you brother for being the calculator) of experience behind me (and still learning), there are things I have I can share.

Secondly, I want this information to last. What I have in those notebooks might seem at first as any typical information you can find – runes, tarot, whatnot… But the reality is – most of that info is from notebooks or sources that came from 1970s or 1980s. I have read the today’s versions and seen quite big differences between them. For example I Ching – it isn’t just a name of hexagram plus oneliner – the version I have was passed on on photo copies since 1940s and it has quite lenghty entries for each hexagram. Of course it isn’t as good as is original, which I don’t have, but I like the version I have. It makes sense. So I think it would be good to happen on a text like that as well in form that can be shared.

Thirdly, I want to relearn what I have in those books. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. So, why not go through it again? I will be writing it all in the book, when I get it finished (and I have just ordered and payed for the paper – so yay!!!).  I landed on a problem – how much space would it actually take to write? How much space should I count for it? And how would be the best to organize it? How many empty pages would be wise to add? Because though I plan to put in it all the basics, it would be good to add pages in case I find something interesting again, like adding gods to my pantheon. So yeah, it seems good idea to take it up. It will have things in it like soap making as well, but that’s because half of the witchy possibilities and crafts are household related. Like table of porridge materials and water portions in which they make which kind of porridge and etc. I want this book to be one that I can take with me, if something happens and to cover the most basics of survival as well. Because I can be thousand miles away from home, but if it is porridge day, then I want to offer my gods the best porridge I can make despite the fact that I’m stranded on a loneley island. Plus the simple herbal remedie mixes and lists of local herbs and spices… You get the picture I hope.

So yes, it being my personal Book of Shadows – make the best of the information you get from it. Use it wisely. Understand that these spells, rituals and customs are created as they are because I follow rules that may seem odd to you now (like the fact that spells have no undoing – divirting, yes, but no undoing) and because I live in Northern Hemosphere. Take it as an example – ask if you don’t understand something. Argue, if it doesn’t make sense. But never use it just as it is and then complain that it doesn’t work. Witchwork is two parts of knowledge and one part of trust in yourself and in your surroundings. Experiment and have fun :).

Oh, and remember – for a while, the information is definetly not complete. I have four Book of Shadows, which I hope to put together in one. It will take time to get all the info up. But when it gets done, I hope it to be the sort of a system, that you can check back to find ideas for your sabbths or find things to do alone and with your family for entire year plu for any occation that might rise its ugly head.

Or perhaps organize it to the sort of Year and a Day program I would have gone and taken if offered. The sort where you began from any given holiday and follow up the entire year, celebrating the holidays when they arrive, feeling the powers of the season, collecting tools throughout the year in their appropiate times, feasting and harvesting in their right time.


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