Long paus over

It has been a long paus since I last updated what I was doing. Nothing new, I’m afraid – work, work, work and lots of stress. But now it’s all under control and working just as it should be.

But everything else! Oh my!

First, I sent off my first official submission for a story magazine. Yup! I did it! I sent the story! Well, I don’t know the results yet, but I can’t say I care much right now either, because to me it was important that I do it. That I will actually take the time, finish something and get it sent in in time. And I think as far as that purpose goes, I’ve fulfilled it. And this means that I have enough time to prepare, rewrite (because right now the reason I didn’t sent the story I was planning actually, is that it didn’t have time to be rewritten) the story and send that one off as well.

Secondly. Took a second step closer for a bugout bag. Or my weird understanding of it. That actually means I got myself a new bag and a pencil case to go with it. That pencil case has two big pockets which are in ideal size for a) the entire content of the handwork case. The other side should fit a good portion of the carry-with-you bugout items. Well, when I finally have them. Not because I’m crazy, but I kinda like the idea that I have them with me.
Oh, the selling point of the bag? It has pocket in size of my tarot cards! Considering I have bigger size than the regular sets, it is quite a troublesome to have them with me. Which I now can freely do, because they are situated so that they don’t hop around thus stay in shape better, which in the end means I have them for longer time.

We also had Lammas. 🙂 Ok, a week ago from now, but I did celebrate it – made fancy kringel for celebration and I held a small ceremony for myself and for the deities. We don’t have it in our traditions, but I’m growing to like it. Setus, south region Estonian national group, have tradition of a day near it called Makavei day, a day when according to tradition bread was taken to church to be blessed and apparently apples finally got their taste. I must say the fantastic smell that came from the orchard next door after that day did blew me away.

It is also the harvest time of the berries. Or, actually, the harvest should be done by now. We should be celebrating the harvest. This year we did the harvest few days after the holiday, but right in the New Moon time, so it should hold fine. I was kinda hoping the birds would have eaten most of it, but apparently they don’t harbor enough hunger or we have too many bushes. Still, it only took two days to swipe them over and it was done. Mom did the juice and jam on the next day. I usually do it, but this year I had no wish to take part of it. No worries, mom said, I’ll get the mood next year and then she won’t want anything to do with it. It was for the best, considering I managed to get sunstroke again. I can’t help it. That’s what my skin type is like.

Lauritsa Day is coming on 10th. It’s a fire holiday. I love it, because we always try to make pancakes and try to keep from making living fire. Not to mention the Baltic herring is the best! And I can swear on that one! It’s one of those days when it is seriously unadvised to make fire. It was also advised not to cut forest or make hay, cut heads of cappages or to go in orchard to bring fruit in. Basically anything that would be similar to the damage fire would make. It’s an important holiday for my family, though we don’t really celebrate it in usual way. To keep fire in line, it is actually advised to do some washing. Considering it is Saturday, that’s pretty much sure thing.  

Why I’m so exited for this day, is the Milky Way! I have missed it so much and would love to see it again and around this time, it will be visible again.

Remember I said I have a year-long project called “The knife”? I seriously should name it.
It ended on Monday. I told a friend that I’m searching for a knife, quite particular one. I had to, she saw me looking at those fancy Finnish blades and so I said, why I was suddenly staring at some blades with my tongue on my shirt. But I have been between getting a good smith made blade from their website or finding one around here. Either way, a pricy uptaking.
The next time we saw, she suddenly bloomed up and said she got me something and gave me contacts of a local smith – Mart Salumaa. I counted my money, got some pre-info from my friend and sent him an e-mail. Said I’m searching for someone to make me viking women’s knife. He said the price, I agreed and then he said he is near Tartu and on Monday he came and we made the deal.
It is gorgeous!!! Super sharp! As he demonstrated on the hair on the back of his hand (it’s a trick local smiths use here) and of course humored his fellow smiths he had with him in great deal. It is not very big, but not the smallest one either. He had different sizes with him, but I chose the middle one. I have short fingers. I prefer my knife smaller. It is shiny and utmost gorgeous. So I’m on conclusion that it was the right decision. To get a knife that has been through fire and water, air and dirt. Gotta love smith work! Totally worth the money :).
I shall photograph it and show it off soon as well. Right now I’m searching for a good leather to make sheth for it. It is so sharp it cut through the thick shield it was in in less than a minute. Plus if I want it to be carry-around-with-me-until-death-do-us-part, it must be properly protected. Which means right now I’m in search for a good piece of leather to make the sheath from. I have done sheaths before. It’s just matter of prework, working out the best model, testing the size, renewing few tools… Ok, so it isn’t walk in the park, but Rome wasn’t build in a day either. But I’m sure Brisa Knife Supplies has some items that will shorten that road considerably :).



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4 responses to “Long paus over

  1. Congrats on your magazine submission! That is a huge step forward in terms of freelancing, and I know if you are anything like me then mentally you probably take yourself more seriously as a writer. 😀 Good job!

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