Dear parents!

As a dog owner, I am urging you to read!

Message from dog owners to little kid owners.

If the dog owner tells you DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD NEAR MY DOG, it is not said out of spite. It is not said without a reason. We mean it and with all good attentions in our heart.

The typical situation is that you still dismiss it and let your child come too close. Then the kid gets bitten and everybody say how badly the dog is raised and the next step would be to put the dog down duo it harming a human.

 So hear my plea!

 Every dog is unique – just because you had a dog as a child, does not make you expert on the one I own! Listen what the dog owners sais! We need to share the same space. I want my dog to live. You want your child to live. 

It is not suggestion, it is a warning. Do not let your child close to my dog, I mean it!

I had an incident this week-end, which brought to my attention again how dearly parents ignore the warnings of dog owners.

I have a dog, who is not very friendly with kids. We will teach him eventually, how to behave around kids, but it takes time. Add to this the fact that we do swinging dogs (two dogs in same household never in together in the same room thing), and you can imagine that sudden visit from my little niece was not the moment I had in mind to begin the training.  So!

Imagine my surprise and shock, when I was outside with my dog and suddenly, after I specifically said NOT to let my niece outside while we were there with Madli, I saw my mom with the kid on her side to come outside! Of course she ran to them! Of course she was watching me on the side! Of course I was horrified! And of course she began doing warning biting every time I took step towards them. Mom of course had to protect the child from the dancing dog and they went back while I gave the dog as determined order to return as I could manage.

Later they acted really surprised to my angry response to such actions. What did they expect? I said SPECIFICALLY DO NOT LET THE CHILD TOGETHER WITH THE DOG RIGHT NOW! I meant every word of it! We were busy and this was not the time to try reconcile the two!

My sister immediately started accusing me of badly raising the dog and saying that it is a problem that will come up with other kids too! Tell me something I don’t know! Yes, I am aware of it. We’re working on it! But I do believe that I, as the owner of that dog, should know better if I allow little children near her or not! However, with my dog, I prefer to be safe than sorry right now. If she bites, her jaws can break bones. I’ve seen her bite through tibia of a young calf as if it was jawing gum (already dead one, soup bone)! So, excuse me, if I prefer that the little kid does NOT go poking the dog while we have no access to emergency transport!

The dog reacts on my emotion, my sister said, that I should control my emotion, that I shouldn’t see the kid as a threat.  How the hell am I suppose to react, when I see her coming with my mom with my dog outside while I specifically said not to?!? I have been in the situation, where I can’t even go near her without her showing off on how good hunting dog she is! She’s 3-year-old teenager! The hell am I suppose to stop the situation from going worse if I can’t even step closer! Such things must be exercised in a closed, controlled environment! Not with a dog, who is over reacting for getting outside over several hours, unexpectedly surprised and then go with the flow! It does not work that way!

I told my family off and to seriously rethink dismissing my word as overreacting. “But they were so friendly together” does not work when I come home! I raised that dog and that means I am in a different rank towards her than they are. Which by itself means that the hierarchy changes when I go home.  That dog gets jealous, when she sees me offering my affection to other dogs or children. We try to change that, but it takes time. Which by itself means YOU DO NOT TEST ME, WHEN I TELL YOU NOT TO DO SOMETHING!

It would be so easy to say that I won’t take responsibility if the child gets bitten. Of course I will! But to me it was outrageous how easily I was blamed in raising the dog badly, when they were the ones, who overstepped my warning. What else can I do to make them see the severity of their actions? I don’t want it to end up in ER and fighting with every person alive on if I should put her down for this. I FUCKING WARNED YOU! YOU DIDN’T LISTEN! Then how is it, that in such situations, only the dog owners are blamed? But not the grownups, who are warned, but dismiss our warnings as overreacting?



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3 responses to “Dear parents!

  1. All you can do is keep warning people. Protect the dog first from people. It’s important, legally, that you’re known for warning people to keep clear of the dog.
    Good post.

    • Usually it works out, I take her walking with leash when they come to visit. But this time mom told that the dog can do her rounds without them disturbing. So it was really shocking to see her pull such a stunt.

  2. I completely agree, A lot of parents are not responsible with their children, especially when it comes to others then blames someone else for their mistake. There’s a couple right across the street from me who have 3 kids under 10 and I often put my dogs on a lead connected to a large metal pole in our garage so they can roam around and on the drive way a grass a little for fresh air. Their kids will ask the parents (instead of me) if they can pet the doggies and they’ll say yes and the kids will come running up our driveway, getting the dogs excited and I have to get between them and the dogs and tell them to get off the property and stay away. I don’t do it to be mean but I know one of my dogs will hurt them since she is not good with kids. It’s irresponsible and inconsiderate.

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