Flying Friday

I experimented flying today. First tries are often in vain, and so was mine. It lasted exactly one “oh!” and ended with a terrible crash. I didn’t break bones, but I must say, birds can keep their flying ability – with such landings, I prefer walking on my two feet. Got few extra bruises and bleeding knee. Added to it the severely bruised knuckles, which my dog accidently painted all blue hues and purple and I could be mixed up with bluebirds! Well, my dog didn’t really mean it, she was just playing and it happened, but my co-workers still managed to chuckle along and ask, who did you go punching? Because it really does look as if I’ve been fist heavy.

Bruises aren’t the worst. I get them a lot, I often just look as if I’ve painted myself in all the wrong places. It’s WHERE I got these bruises that matters.

We have a construction going on in the park. I am seriously not liking it anymore. It is one thing to tolerate the noise – I’m never disturbed by industrial sounds – but the dust and dirt! Let’s just say I made an extraordinary example of what happens if they don’t clean their dirt and behold! Mother Nature sends down rain! Good laugh for all, but now I have seriously painful open wound on my knee, swelling ankles and excitement of traveling in the same clothes I landed there. Because right after I finish here, I have to catch a train to capital.

But surprisingly, that didn’t take my mood down. There was thunder this morning and differently from all the fearing chaps, I adore it to bits! So I wasn’t in that bad mood in the first place to get very upset. The skirt was up to its tasks and I was happy to see how after I washed it, not even taking it off, it was dry again in less than 15 minutes. Literally saving my ass. Now I only have the bag to clean.

I’m guessing one reason why this didn’t take down my mood, is because I got two good news J – I found the paper for Luain! Finally! Exactly up to my standards! And I learned of a smith, who can make me the knife I want! A smith made knife!!! So, yes, next month will lessen my money by almost 50 euros. But it will be worth it. I feel the pressure to finish the book as soon as possible and with nearly half a year spent searching the right paper, it is like miracle. Of course, that should come after I get the blanket done. I’m 1/3rd of it.

Hmm… I should name the knife…


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