World War Z


I went to see World War Z yesterday. My friend warned me about it that it has rather weak plot. I agree. It wasn’t the strongest plot story. But it was one very strong zombie horror story. And I did want to see the world end.

!Spoilers alert!

Well, that said, …

… it was amazingly refreshing. It definitely doesn’t contain as much blood as others, but I loved some aspects of the movie that played out well. For one example, how the family was ACTUALLY sent away from the ship, when they became irrelevant personnel. Though it didn’t resonate as harsh to me as it was meant, I felt chillingly proud for scenarists for going through with it. There are a lot of good world end movies, where the characters get away on a brick of a moment and are still kept safe. But to actually see them boarded and off the ship was amazingly horrifying. That despite how good you are and how important you are for the cause, in the end you are still treated like everybody else if you don’t meet your goals. And the same courtesy falls on anybody related to you.

I would have preferred if the character build up would have been stronger, because in some points they really seemed too simple, too straightforward. On the other hand it didn’t bother me so, because I did go to see zombie apocalypse and in such stories, it’s the horror I’m graving for.

However, I seriously dig the Jerusalem storyline. To me this was far more terrifying than even the lab story line. Though I loved the sinking feeling I sensed around me, when they said that there are 80 zombies against 3 people. Plus it is actually quite scary, if you think of it, that you can be in absolute isolation and safety and the source of the biggest threat can be doctors investigating the matter.  At the same time, in Jerusalem the biggest threat was joyful common people and their love to cheer too early.

There were two quotes that I remember for long time:

Andrew Fassbach: Mother Nature is a serial killer. She wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues… Mother nature knows how to disguise her weakness as strength. (Paus) She’s a bitch.

I loved it, because despite the severity of the topic, the entire roomful of people laughed about it. Truth hurts.

Jurgen Warmbrunn: Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature.

This one stuck in my head. It is so true that this one really hurts. My mind went racing again for the things I love and want to keep with me. No matter what happens, there are still things that would be traveling with me and for what I’ll go if necessary. Things that are not necessities for survival, but for the sake of my future and memories and keeping my culture, they are very important. Because many carry Bibles. But the information I have in my book, is unique and just like Bible, this should not be lost to humans and for the future generations of my people.

I haven’t read the book about WWZ, so I can’t compare the two. Despite loving zombie movies, I don’t like reading books about it. Not because they wouldn’t be adequately described, but I just don’t get into it well.

What it’s worth, I’d say – go see the movie.  I loved it. It was terrifying on several levels, did make you think you liked it or not and above all, it’s a good scare movie.


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