Daily Prompt: Fandom

I am not a big fan of sports. Not anymore. I used to be, when I was smaller, had time and didn’t need the time for other things.

I cant’ really say I was big fan of any sports. I mean, we did watch nearly anything starting from car races, Olympics, football, winter sports finishing with basket ball and what not. I am from north, so who doesn’t watch winter sport if given a chance?

However, there was one sport event I really enjoyed watching – the ultimate rivalry on World Football thing… I don’t remember anymore how it’s called… It was a match between North Korea and Ireland. Ireland has never been in best league, mostly duo the not-so-good team, but that game was specially cool! Usually watching Ireland play with someone is a sad event up front – they always get beaten. I feel really sorry for them, but what can you do it just won’t work out?

On that occasion the Ireland team was playing against North Korea. I was reading a book next to the telly. But soon my eyes glanced over to TV and I couldn’t get them off anymore. I watched an odd site of two teams pushing one ball from one end of the field to another. They did it nearly five minutes – both sides gave the ball up every now and then, then their team members jogged for a while, passing the ball on to each other, then the ball was taken away and the other team did the same. But the announcers were cheering both like crazy. So the odd contrast of obvious defense tactics both teams were applying didn’t really go with the enthusiastic announcers hoping to witness a goal every second now.

Only, the goal never came. They both ended up in a tie of zeros, and super tired. It was clear neither of the teams had ever played on such a huge field, because by the middle of the second half they were both tired to the last man and dancing around with the ball. During that time I don’t recall seeing even one try to get the other’s gate. Not one!

With all the other events still stuck in my head, I still remember this game most vividly. Not because it was so super good game, but because it was so hilarious. Both teams were awful, bot over long time – equally so!


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