Dragon Trees

dracaena marginata

Dragon trees (Dracaena marginata) – they seem to come in from doors and windows. With this morning I counted together 6 trees in various pots plus three rooting ones. The last ones we had to take off from the rotting one and we were sure we’d lost them, but there they are – nicely rooting!

So now I’m facing new fascinating problem – what do you do with them? I’ve never owned one, because their potential to overgrow and crowd their living space. So now I don’t know exactly what to do with them? Well, some have potential to turn our office greener, especially as the entire office has been sneak-peeking those rootlings for three weeks and cheering it up to grow well and strong. I don’t know, where we got that tree, but it rot in the roots. So now we got the heads grow roots again and we just hope we get our darling tree back. Even the fake bird that’s been sitting on it, is waiting.

We’ll do our best to bring them all back to life :). Some of them have never been dusted, some have dried for a long time… They all have their problems.  But 9 dragon trees in one place – how awesome is that!


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