As we are talking about characters… mm! And I love talking about them, with all the power in me – John Harrison!

Oh yes, fandoms love to love and hate him. And I chose to love him. Not because he is a villain and all the goodygood girls are supposed to have save-the-bad-guy syndrome. I seem to have the opposite – let them sink and drown. But in that character I saw something I have been missing so much – a strong motive!

While there are so many characters that pass our lives, the best ones I care the most for are still those, who have a motive that counts. Plus it does help when the character is played by a very charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch. What a tongue twister, but I seriously hope he won’t change his name, because of it.

Back to the character.

When Uhura says in the movie “You care about the honor. This man has none” as response to Klingon’s question, I felt she was dead wrong. John Harrison had honor, more than most and he stayed stern. Compared with the rest of the cast, it was as if someone planted an oak on board of Enterprise. I can’t speak of some quotes I would like to, because that would give away the plot, but I can say this – this man is probably one of the best villains I have seen in years! His deep voice mixed together with reason that not one can doubt and charismatic intelligence – that is combination to kill.

If you’ve read the blog before, you know I have fondness for different versions of the same TV series or movies. It is fascinating to see the original first version and what they have changed, resulting in something better or, sometimes worse.

With this movie I had the opportunity, thanks to local TV channel, to also see the original story version from 1982. The stories are very different from each other, but have similarities in some story lines. I have no fears of spoiling that one – Spock gets killed. In new movie, thankfully not, because he makes a mighty adversary to Khan – both intellectually and physically equal. I love when intelligence shines like diamond! It is one to see men use weapons and fists, but the intelligence is what makes things really interesting. Like Buliwyf says in 13th Warrior – “now he has to consider what he can’t see”.

I find myself often fascinated by Star Trek characters – both new and old. Yes, they are simple, but those, who go through the entire season, it’s amazing how much they actually hide in themselves. They have interesting balance between them – intelligent friend is paired with emotion lead character, skeptical with easy going… I love it. Perhaps too typical for some, but I like it that way. In today’s show I would prefer it slightly more hidden (hmm! Sherlock comes to mind), but I seem to prefer such where these pairs are there.

But now I should go and do some more work. It’s been hell of two weeks. I’ve been mostly working and sleeping, haven’t even cooked or done anything else. Except finish the motifs for  the blanket. Now all I need to do is crochet it all together. Oh, and then I carved nalbinding needle. Should shape it a bit more thinner, but I kinda like how it turned out. I should make a gallery post of all the stuff I’ve been doing and how far I am with them.

Cheer up! The summer is here! You know, free time to do all what you wanted! Well, I still have work, but oddly also the energy to do it all again. I can’t promise regular posts this summer, because I am literally swamped with work and few goals that I will do this summer. That’s a lot of work.


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