Quality reading versus trash

It’s a must have to have read classical literature and it is odd if you try to analyze it with someone without having read it first. You must know what you talk about. But when it comes to romance stories or mysteries, you can suddenly skip the entire reading part and just trash it? Take it down and call it stupid? What’s the big idea?

To me, that is becoming a great concern and not only because I like writing and reading it. It still takes me courage to say I wrote another love story and often I hide it without saying anything further, because of the looks I get.

“Why won’t you write something normal for change? You are so much better than to fall in the trap of trash!” I hear my writing friends cry out.

It angers me. Those are the people, who can quote Stendhal, Bulgakov, and Dostoyevsky by heart! They are highly educated and should know how to analyze any writing on a whim! Yet they are also the people, who keep away from entertainment literature (aka trash) and turn their noses up, if you offer them a book from the shelf “how to write a novel”.

I don’t know what to do? If I analyze the trash book I picked up and have found interesting, they get restless and distracted, yet I must listen forever analyze on Stendhal’s work?

Why won’t you read anything modern? You are so eager to judge those, who write and read the modern day novels, but, as I found out, most of you have never picked any of them up! If I ask, what authors you like from modern writers, not one of you can give me names of a writer, who hasn’t passed away! If I ask, have you read this or that, nobody has even heard of them!

Now, that’s disturbing. I can talk with you about your classical, quality reading, because I have read them too. Some of them years back, but I have. I know, who are Dostoyevsky, Stendhal, Shakespeare (and yes, I can spell that name without auto correct!),  I have even read Tolkien, Burroughs, Arthur C Clark and other modern “quality” writers. I can talk about them and we can keep good conversations.

But I am deeply insulted that I am constantly downsized for reading modern entertaining literature by people, who have never picked those books up! “We don’t need to read trash!”

Oh yes you do! I call up every one of you, who you have ever criticized someone for reading trashy romance novel, to find the story appealing to you and read it through! Yes, it has lots of bad books that don’t resonate with you among them, but there are good writers there too!

And there is A LOT all you wannabe writers can learn! Yes you, who you keep telling me you don’t need to learn, how to write and say the classic writers save your writing from being mundane daily trash!

I picked up one of the new numbers of local young authors magazine and then talked about it with other older writers. Your stories – there’s like no beginning, no end! Your characters use your knowledge base, which is painfully limited by school, and they sit around and all the info is brought to them on a plate! The characters were often one type, short straw missing from deep depression and they lacked even the most basic charisma! How do you expect being read? I read that one story and I don’t want to pick up anything else!

So yes, take up that trash book you so snoopily tossed away and make your typical book analyze on it! Read and learn! And then trash my opinion. But until your last book was school literature, you have big shortcomings of modern literature! Yes, it is not as deep as classical, but it has its place and instead of being such a snob, read and enjoy!

Anybody, who falls under such attack, I highly suggest asking them back – have you read any? You’d be surprised, how many say they don’t have to. Well, if they are so eager to attack, I’d say it is best time they did read. Would educate them greatly.

I wouldn’t complain, if you would read Oscar Wilde or Stendhal and learn from it, how to write better. But the problem I see is, you don’t. And often you don’t, because you don’t see it. You don’t see the systems behind the story and you don’t see how similar the modern and not so modern writing actually is. If you did, you wouldn’t be so quick to decide, which is trash and which is not. We only call them classics, because back in their days, it was the trash that made a statement. None of those works were written to be classics, they were written to be sold as the daily trash. Now that’s a thought, isn’t it?


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  1. I’ll a good engaging story over so called literature any day no matter who wrote it

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