Priorities in life

After three weeks of crocheting the blanket, which isn’t far from finish anymore, I began writing again. I’ve got mismatched brain – every time I think that this is the time, when I have reached that point in my life, where I need to let something go in order to make more room for work, that’s when it starts working again. That’s when it proves to me again that no matter what, writing is my second priority aside my family.

But it also means I have been writing :). 8 pages in 2 days. I actually have a goal – there’s a new magazine that starts coming out in September and is all about Estonian short stories. Everybody from Estonia are welcome to send in their stories and I want to send mine as well.  That’s when I hit a pickle. Apparently I have already published all the short stories I’ve written, the good and the bad… Well, my logic has always been that if it is ready, I set it up, no matter what account I had then or now. So… It seems I’m without a story to send there right now… But no worries, it isn’t unsolvable problem. I just need to get started :D. This story, however, isn’t that one, but it burned a hole in my heart and I somehow need to patch it up again.

Went to theatre today. To see Thriller. It was arranged by our workplace and always being a bit Jackson fan, it seemed like good opportunity.  It was. Until half an hour in the show the show hit a sudden pause and when we were called back in, they announced that duo technical problems, the show is canceled for now. Well, what do you do? I don’t hold it against them. I don’t think anybody did, because despite the difficulties it was very nice show and I’m sure the performers were just as disappointed as was the audience. So they still received a mighty well earned applause . 

I’m doing overwork, trying to choose a favorite character for the Merry Go Round blog tour. It’s like giving me a cherry bowl and say I must choose just one. Not fair, I tell you, not fair at all!


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