Drinking urine for medical or survival reasons

Seeing how this is growing popularity again amongst preppers as the last resort and for medical reasons, I thought I’d add a little salt in the punch. What prompt me to write this was one episode from second season of Doomsday Preppers.

Urine therapy was very popular in the mid 1990s. I remember several shows, where two guys came with glasses filled with slightly yellowish liquid and drank it in prime time TV to show how healthy they were. I was then in 5th grade and we had just had our first human body biology classes. I stared at the screen, trying to wrap my mind around the concept that someone was drinking their own waist. It is still popular though to drink your own urine and I don’t understand, why?

Why do you think we urinate?

It is to rid your body from extra water, minerals, vitamins your body does not need and rid your body from toxins you’ve consumed with drinking and eating.

So many unused water, minerals, vitamins – why not drink it? Seems perfect way, doesn’t it? Some filter their urine, some drink it as it is. Some let it sit for a while…

For preppers – what happens if you drink salty sea water? You get hydrated much faster. Then why do you think drinking your own mineral, salt filled urine is much better?

Has anyone heard of side effects of overdose of vitamins and minerals? Or overdose on toxins? For example vitamin D overdose can result bigger kidney stones. Loading all the toxins your body has already filtered out of your system back in the system can cause overdose on that as well. So instead of slight discomfort you felt an hour before urinating can turn into mighty bloated stomach ache instead. I’ve heard people brushing it off as detoxing your system. You need a brain check if you don’t make difference between slight discomfort for eating lots of raw food after nearly no fresh food consumption before and reloading toxins in your system. It might feel ok at first, but if you reload the toxins in again and again in longer period of time, you end up poisoning yourself.

What happens to kidneys if you drink your own urine?

Gravity. You know those sites that allow you splat thousands of small dots on the screen and when two emerge, the bigger object starts pulling all the others in? Pretty much the same thing happens in your kidneys.

Chemistry. If the mineral mass in liquid gets over certain mass, it doesn’t melt into the liquid anymore, but stays on the precipitation on the bottom. Same thing happens in your kidneys. The minerals it got rid are back in the kidney, the concentration flips and the image in your kidney gets quite clouded. It happens all the time. But if you then drink it in again after second, and third, and fourth time, you end up with fog so thick you can eat it with spoon. The minerals are not going anywhere nor anything else your body is trying to rid itself and the end result is either kidney stones or in worse case kidney failure.

There are people, who swear they have received help by drinking urine. I know only one case, where drinking your own urine was considered preferable. It was a man with condition that in short meant his body couldn’t obtain enough amounts of mineral and the doctors recommended him to drink his own urine second time to give body chance to obtain the minerals through second time. It was 1967. The man died duo kidney failure.

Then you say you let the urine sit for few hours before drinking it. If you’re still not convinced, let me paint you an image – stale urine is used since times not known to man for tanning and as mordant for fixing dyes on textile.

There are tens of books explaining how wonderful you will feel and what ailments it can cure, but think! Ask yourselves – do you want something so toxic and acidy you can use for fixing paint and tan leather back in your delicate body? If we were meant to drink our own urine, why were we made to urinate in the first place? You don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand that cons outweigh the plusses. Think before you do it! Chemistry and gravity!


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