Jackdaw dream catcher

hakkOut of a blue I decided that I want to make a dream catcher during this Full Moon. The idea actually manifested itself few days ago. I just woke up knowing I need one.

So that’s what my this week’s priority is. Right now I have all the items I need except feathers. I have some from old DIY projects, but I actually want corvine feathers. I know many people find jackdaws worse then pests, and in a way they are, but I there are a lot of them around here and I like the idea of pitch black dream catcher with some sparkly gems, wooden beads and mother of all pearls chips hanging from them. Yup, that’s the plan and if all goes well, that’s what it will look like. Now that I’ve said it, I’ll probably end up with lots of other feathers as well, but the decorations are secondary. The reality is, it is time to make a dream catcher. Now.

I’ll photograph it, when I’m done.

There has been only one time in my past that I’ve made a dream catcher. I think I made it, because I just thought they were cool. It looked odd, but grandmother somehow put up with it and years later that thing came out from her closet, so there had to be something in it. 😀

The idea of dream catchers itself is an interesting one. We all know, what they are for – catch the bad and let the good go through. Who doesn’t love it? I love them, because they relate to spider webs and anyone, who has any relation with me, knows how much I love spiders. I want to do a proper one in the future, with nettle string colored red with wild bird feathers like owls and hawks… Yeah, one can dream, but for now I want a black one with blink to make magpie proud.

Week after that it will be house cleaning. It will be the time, when in dorms all the rooms must be presented to the house lady clean or face 30 days notice to leave. It’s not as harsh as it sounds, but with some guys this happens to be the only time they actually clean their rooms and also, time to get all the bills sorted out. It will be rough, but fair and in all fairness, I fall under the same rules. Though I only have small kitchen room, it will take entire day and includes everything – from going through the drawers (which I’ve managed to keep in order thanks to some thorough spring cleaning) to washing windows to replanting few plants.

After that it will be until 23rd to finish the afghan and after that it is pure school. I don’t like to think about it right now, but I want to get it sorted out completely. And this time I don’t want to get scared. It will be rough and probably I’ll have to be rough on myself and put writing on background. I won’t be able to skip writing, that much is clear, but it can’t be my main focus in the next year. I want to finish school. Then at least that part in my life will be sorted out.

Until then I have afghan to keep me busy. I’m already up to 115th hexagon and people around me are finally have starting to understand the concept of the multicolor thing. I have surprisingly mild background, which consists a lot of pale yellows and beiges and greens. I like it that way. I know it is not recommended to have lot of yellow, but I love the color, though I do try to keep it broken tones so it doesn’t overwhelming. So me suddenly making an absolutely multicolored afghan blew quite few heads around here.


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