Mine is better than yours

Being a witch, always learning and often practicing, I had an odd encounter.

One of my new friends is really into runes. Which I think is great, because since I’ve made my first rune set years ago and now owning one that is truly purely mine and precious to me, I’ve been getting more into them as well. All nice and good, but then he came to see me the other day and said that he was thinking about me and my cards and thought to ask something from my cards. I said, I shall bring them with me then, and then he blurted suddenly, without any warning “never mind, runes are much more accurate”, wished me good night and left.

Whoa! What?

I’ve always thought it was up to the reader, how accurate the divination is. How skillfully they do the reading and how well they know their tools. It’s never about which tool is more accurate – you can have the most accurate tool in your hands, but if you don’t know how to use it, you’ll still botch it up and get false reading.

I prefer cards. I always have, because they work for me the best. I also own several rune sets, both such that can be used by others and such that are absolutely personal. Also countless sets of tossable, countable, floatable, acting-on-heat, scryable…in short I have quite a collection. Very different tools, meant for different times and I have not thought that one of them is more accurate than another. Just the times and needs are different and thus the tool that might not work for me in the morning for yes-or-no answer does its job perfectly if I’m to choose between carrots or potatoes.

I have thought about it before though. When I first began collecting the tools, I realized quite soon that there were those that where meant for party entertainment and those, that were taken more seriously. That was it. No other difference between “which is more accurate”.

I think it is wrong to say that one tool is more accurate than other. Tool that can give you short answer is just as right method as is long response from I Ching. I Ching has so many versions going around, one can hardly be sure what is the absolute correct answer. Neither can you be sure with any other tool. It depends on time, the answer you require and place.

It is not exactly science. I can’t explain it, but that’s how it works – I can have reading for two separate persons with the same cards and still read totally different thing out for them. In one day the pendulum can work like magic while tarot tosses me half the deck on the table or runes don’t feel right.

Not one divination is equal to another and thus not one tool is more accurate than another. They are tools.

A very good example would be what an old lady did, when we arranged her to show me a method and she discovered she’d forgotten her stones. She pretty much looked around on the road, picked small shingles from the road, took my hand and said “this stone is this, this stone is this. What’s your question?” and she showed me the entire method there, with made-up tools and my palm as her table. Best lesson ever!

What did I learn? If you know the method, all you need is take items you see, assign them according to your needs and they will work just as well as your worked-in old set of runes or pendulum or what-not. It’s the knowledge that counts in this business. Cards get lost and stones get missing from your tool sets. You can replace them. I have done it multiple times – I don’t have my cards, I quickly cut 78 pieces of paper, sign them each with the symbol, toss them in pot and the questioner pulls the pieces. Works every time.

One other old time trick, like she said about it, for yes and no questions would be to take a plate (if you have one) and salt shaker. Sit behind the table and assign yes and no sides for the plate and then have anyone – she usually had her old man do it for her – take the shaker and pour two small piles of salt on each side of the plate. Wins the one bigger. Now that’s a cool trick. I can think of at least six different official versions selling special black sea sand and what not to do this.

So yes, if you are familiar more with runes and you get the best reading out of them – fantastic! There is nothing greater than being intimately familiar with one tool. But never, and I mean never, go saying that your tools of divination is better than other person’s. This isn’t kindergarden contest. It shows how very beginner you are in the business and that’s all. I am sure there are many oldies ready to give you demonstration of a life time that will rob you from confidence for good.  your method is only as good as your familiarity with it goes.


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