Wild garlic is here! Gotta love those ramsons! The first big leafy green with taste perfect for great chefs! This year it seems to have especially wild ambitions when it comes to growing, so I was searching ways to use it. Not just toss it in pot with everything and in salads – that I’m doing anyway, folks like it or not – but really find a recipe to use it in.

And I found it!

Ramsons pesto

40 g of ramsons (good strong handful)
20 almonds
pinch of salt and black pepper
1 small clove of garlic
1-3 tsp of rapeseed oil

Put the almonds in a grinder and grind to wished consistency, add salt and pepper, then add roughly chopped garlic and ramsons and continue blending until chopped to wished consistency. Add one spoonful at a time the rapeseed oil and blend until wished consistency. Place in a small jar. Will keep for few days or you can freeze it in ice cube tray. Though it makes small enough amount that it will nicely disappear from the jar.

Be warned though! It tastes strongly like garlic!



Wild Garlic


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