Ince and Norris, lies and porridge

The hardest thing in life is to watch something you’ve been working so hard on being torn down by unappreciative ret… students.

I was told there is nothing we can do. And that after one of the worst nights I’ve had in my working career. Keep cool and stay in the lines of your work rules.

I had to make myself coffee with four spoonfuls of sugar to calm my nerve to keep my hands from shaking.  I have seen things in this house, but that just took the cake. The sad part is, I don’t feel it’s personal.  But we are put in-between the war and that helplessness is what brings our mood down.

Today I faced punch of liars. Oh, how insulting way to say! Not really if you lie to my face about things that I see myself.  Today, Germans, Spanish, Italians and who not were presented to me as nothing more than untrustworthy lowlife. The sad part is, they think they are good, educated and intelligent. I beg to differ.

I’m sorry, but you are lousy liars. The way you changed your clothes so you could tell me how you were sleeping while it all happened while I saw you just seconds before on your back in water was beyond… Even your hair was still dripping.  And nothing says I just didn’t slid on the floor on my bare belly than protective black garbage bag around your chest.

So believe you are clever. Put up those videos you kept shooting on your pink smart phone.  But here’s the reality. If it’s in Internet, it is there to stay.  So, don’t be shy now – you must have entire movie worth film there – do share it. Share it with your future employer, too.  Share with everybody how daringly you drink and how much it improves your lying abilities.  You love what they have to say to your CV, too…

Oh, and how about we introduce those videos to your home university deacons, too. Just so they know how you represent their university and your country.

Yeaah, one can dream. Reality is, nothing changes.


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