Camp NaNoWriMo

You all know I Nano. I’m as pro as eight years of experience can make one. Well, starting in April, I’ll be a newbie again, in CampNano. I know it exists, I even listed myself in 2010, but it took three years to actually take part.

So what to write?

Well, I do have that one project that keeps rolling up everywhere. I constantly plan, but for some unspeakable reason, it just won’t go. So instead of another month just starting, I might as well rewrite what I have from the new fresh view I’ve got on it.

Quick profile on the story then 🙂

Name: Dead Child’s Portrate

Beginning date: January 2012.

Finishing date: ??

Length: at least 60 000 (for camp I’m keeping classy 50k)

Language: English.

Synopsis: Evelyn has a goal that makes most moralist fringe – she wants to kill her father. It would be simple, if she didn’t para shoot straight in the middle of his hunting grounds. It doesn’t help that locals plan their own bonfire and if the daddy isn’t available, daughter will do…

Place and time: Montfort, present day

Main characters:

Evelyn Helder – She is confident 28-year-old with one goal only and that is to take down her father. She worked as a dentist in Sandlewoods before she was fired for protesting against letting go of another worker. For two years she worked as a shopkeeper before the shop is closed and she moves to Montfort.

Saul-Erik Reinger – leader of the Hidden, he dreams of a sanctuary for people he loves. He is not one of them, but since he was picked up by them as a child, he has been trained to be their public face. He is well educated and runs real-estate business. When the working hours end, he devotes himself on finding the one, who is responsible for killing the Hidden.

The Hidden – is the second group of human guinea pigs that were discovered from one of the lab hospitals. There is shoot-to-kill order out on them since the first group medication failed and the outbreak cost 675 lives. Since then they are cast out on fear that the same thing might happen with them. So they hide and search for the one place where they can walk free on the streets again.

The Hunter Serial killer with taste for stronger flesh. His terror puts everybody at risk, because what the group doesn’t need is public attention they get if police and newspapers get wind of it.

Rest of the cast will come as their time comes to take the stage. 



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4 responses to “Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. Good luck! I’m about to start rewriting my 2012 NaNovel, but not as part of Camp Nano…I plan to take my time and get the draft complete before NaNo 2013 kicks in. Then I’ll use November to sketch out book four of the series. It’s all fun and games, despite the stress and hard-work!

    • I have gone through editing Nano novel once – translated and edited it. It is indeed hard work, but at the same time it was very rewarding. Taught a lot about my own style use and word use as well.

      • It’s great, editing a book into shape, isn’t it? I’ve just finished editing my second book and can’t wait to get stuck into the third. It seemed to flow well when I started for NaNo but I haven’t looked at it since and it might be the biggest pile of nonesense ever! But it’ll be good to whip it into shape. You’re right in that editing does tell you a lot about word use; I overuse commas and the word “that”. Plus I have certain phrases I like to use so I have to make sure just one of my POV narrators uses it! Ah well…time to get back to it I guess! Good luck with the Camp!

      • Good luck for you too and lots of spare time 🙂

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