Prussian carp cutlets

Prussian carp is one of the whiting fish that is much loved around here. We know it with much nicer name, Hõbeheik (Glimpse of Silver). Our family likes it, because it is easy to debone –  it has very little of them.

One of the best ways to enjoy it is to cold smoke it.  Usually we enjoy it in two ways. Yet today I got piece of it that was too big, nearly half a kilo. So what do you do? You start inventing.

Prussian carp cutlets

0,5 kilo of cold smoked Prussian carp
small onion
By the taste:  till, lemon pepper, black pepper, salt
Enough sour cream to hold the dough together

Clean the carp and chop it slightly to make sure you got all the bones out.  Chop the onion very fine and add to the carp. Also add till, lemon pepper, black pepper and salt by the taste. I can’t give exact measurements on that, because it depends on the taste of the fish.

Mix it well with a fork. It won’t stick yet. Add sour cream small quantities at the time – you will need just enough for the dough to stick together.

Make small cutlets out of the dough and roll them in flour before frying them to dark brown in oil.


This amount made me 10 smaller size cutlets.
The beauty of this cutlet is that it will always be well done, because the fish is already smoked through and processed.

I just wanted to mark this down before I forget it. They taste really nice :).




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