The Sacred Oak Tree

I received my Christmas gift yesterday. It is wonderful! I am absolutely in love! The sacred oak motive is so cute and it’s so light! I am seriously impressed with the weight and the fact that despite the 120 pages it still weights less than my tarot deck! I showed it to mom, too, because she makes leather and it’s made of leather. She said that despite the roughness, the simplicity of the piece makes it really wonderful item.

However, the lightness of it soon becameerte ert, when I flipped it through. The paper in it… I am sorry, but for book with such price and leather work around it, it was serious downside.

“Crafted entirely from recycled bio mass, the paper has been constructed without the use of wood pulp – a wonderful way to highlight a book created in reverence of the Sacred Oak Tree.“ That’s what it says in Amazon. As nice as this though is…

I’m a craftsman and artist. It has taken me years to learn to use the right tool for the right job. And that paper is just wrong. It’s like – forgive me – toilet paper. If I want what I write in there to last for more than half a year, then I would never choose something like this. The last straw was that one of the signatures has massive clamp marks throughout the entire signature. On few pages it is so bad it has ripped the page where the clamp was holding it. You can NOT ask 30 dollars for something like that! Americans – when it comes to handwork you are being ripped off ! You need to open your eyes and recognize what is quality! This, my dears, was not.

So how can I say I love it? Because for some freakish way I do. It’s so full of potential and that is making my mouth water. The pages in it can be replaced. Perhaps I could invest now in that parchment paper I so love?  It’s built so it can easily be rebound and the fabric inside can also be replaced with something unique, when it turns nappy, which it will eventually do. Because it is real leather the real treasure for me, the hot pressed oak tree is there to stay and the original built will survive. And the wonderful light feeling – smooches!  You’ve hit the jackpot! I can easily carry it with me without thinking if I should add the extra weight to my load and that, my dears, is a winner! I’ll use the paper that’s in it until it wears out and then replace it with quality and revamp it into a quick BoS  according to my specifications that I can take with me everywhere . And when it finally looses its shape, because it is real leather, I can cut the image and patch it into next one. A very worthy gift from a very good friend. So how ever I look at it, this notebook is facing a long life amongst my most prized possessions. 


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