Carelian Wedding

I happened on a rarity today. I knew from my folklore course that such movies existed, but I never dared to even wonder if I’d ever see one. Behold – I have seen one!

 Carelian Wedding. It was filmed in 1921, when search for customs and routs of our ancestry were to its fullest and you could still witness the old customs. Well, this too is actually reenactment, but imagines filming the wedding how they really come to live – it would be a nightmare.

 I found it thanks to pure chance, because I was actually searching another Finnish old 1980s iron age series called Rauta-aika. I have seen that only once, but it was enough to leave deep impression in my young brain. Each time I happen on a rarity like that I hear Herger’s words from 13th Warrior ringing in my ears “You won’t see this again, it is the old ways.”

 Why this video is so interesting and worth exploring by any witchy thinking person out there- traditions! You can see there the certain order the wedding was held and how protective magic was used throughout the entire process. For example you can see the triple blessings bestowed on the couple by both sides of the family and weeping during the wedding. I wish it would come with sound, because I’m very interested to know if the things they say during the ritual incantations (I would keep from using the word spell here) are similar to what were used around here. Also, note the ax circle around the leaving party – I felt so warm and cozy seeing this!

But enough of my babbling – go and watch it! With our time, when so much must be learned from books, to see a tradition like that is a rare gift :).


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