BANG! Winter’s here!

St. Catherine’s Day has come and gone and it gives me chills how accurate the year’s traditional forecast has been so far! Father Frost showed the signs already two days ago with never-ending fog – perfect for anything ghost like lurking in the dark! – and today it’s snow! Everywhere!

And I think this one might actually stick around :).

I am happy. I don’t care what car owners say or street sweepers feel they must enlighten us on their hard task with – this is fantastic! Classic! Now I feel like the time for winter solstice day preparations has arrived!

This photo here is what I saw this morning. You wouldn’t believe that there’s a highway just around those bushes ;).

Shows how well our ancestors knew the sky and how worthy those sayings are as daily weather pro-casters.

Oh, and how bad I am if I hadn’t them. I think I left my boots in town after last “wintery episode” and now I have no excuse not to find my gloves…


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