How to block your phone from a company?!?

I should be writing Nano right now, but I need to let out steam or I will simply sue the next person, who calls me. It will be an angry letter.

 Elion and Elisa – FUCK OFF!

There, said it.

And why? Because if I have told NO, it means NO – N fucking O! NO does not give your right or privilege to call me on the next day or the day after or the day after that! It does not mean MAYBE! I will NOT maybe join your firm, I will NOT maybe agree to your terms. And NO, I am NOT responsible for my family’s phone numbers! Despite the fact that I have the oldest number in our family. No means NO!

After this week’s harassment (5 times in 5 days!) and realization that the only way to even discuss this problem would mean I would have to go to the firm’s office (because there isn’t even a place on their homepages to write to them! WTF?) while my freshly rested brain tells me that they will say they can’t do anything about this, is aggravating, I have come to conclusion to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER and one more time NEVER join those companies! If I end up living in region where I have no other provider – I will NOT take your offer! I rather live without phone or internet or tv! And by now it is not because they are unreasonable, but out of petty PRINCIPLE!

I am not some cattle that loves going between better greenery! I am a PERSON with capability to make up my own decisions and such HARRASMENT makes me angry, bitter and oh so will NOT CHOOSE YOUR COMPANY!

If any Elion or Elisa personnel happens to read this – thank you for showing me exactly how much you care for me, my privacy and considered what I had to say when I was polite (out of respect to your worker, who does it to support their family) and explained you that I am not interested, but seriously – fuck off. I don’t want to even know you exist anymore.

And no, I will not take this rant down even if you ask politely, because what you give is what you get and I do NOT find it unreasonable as you have found it to be unreasonable to stop harassing me for better deals. I am NOT INTERESTED!


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