Pag Needle Lace

Because I need access to this information on-line soon and have no way to log in anywhere from there and need it without searching, I’m re-posting the info I found here. I will take it down as soon as I’ve got it in the computer i need it to get into.

All the information belongs to website.

Resources for Pag Needle Lace.To start, look for the black bar at the very top of the screen. On its right hand edge is a search slot, for searches that operate on our network only. Type in Pag and you will find the scattered discussions that have occurred before this Pag group was started. This is the Lacemaking in Croatia video that has informed the world about Pag lace. Only part of it is on true needle lace. It also contains bobbin lace, filet lacis and sol lace.

This one shows the elements of Pag diagrammed:

This large site, in Croatian and English, has lots of photos and a page full of element symbols:

This one is a slide show of several Pag mats:

Paska Cipka/Lace from Pag by Nerina Eckhel. Available from Mary Chapman Bookseller. Don’t know the content, whether it is lessons or pictures or history.

This one shows some patterns from a pattern book. They can be printed off if you stop the video. We can use them for patterns, if we can figure out how to work them.

This is a slide show including needle lace, filet lacis, bobbin lace made in Croatia:

This set has about a dozen Pag needle laces towards the end:


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