Snow day

It is officially snowing. Yup, white wet posh snowflakes are floating towards black and wet earth and thus the season officially launched today. Although, all the official part, like switching back on winter time, all comes in this week-end. I’m feeling like winter though, the early, slowly moving serenity that comes, when you feel calm, like everything is in its place, including you and the wheel of the year is right in its track. I guess that’s what I like about this tradition that much – the sense of place in this world and knowing that it has a rhythm, like my heart.

I should return to studies again. I still have a lot to read and I need to get at least some good mark from this exam. But it feels good today and I’m happy.

With this, the hot drink season has also began. To celebrate this wonderful day, here’s a little chai recipe that will keep us warm and off the common cold. At least for now :).

Spicy tea for two:Author - me.

3 dl water
2 dl milk (or instead big orange with zest)
1 teaspoon of black tea 
3 cloves
3 black pepper heads
fingertip of cinnamon (or small piece of bark)
fingertip of nutmeg
1/4th of teaspoon of cardamom or 3 pods with seeds
4 teaspoon of sugar
about an inch of ginger root

Put the water in a small pot and add finely sliced ginger root. Let it boil fo about 5 minutes. Add the rest of the spices and let it boil another 5 minutes. Add black tea and let it sit on the fire for 2 minutes before adding sugar. Melt it completely and add the milk, raise it for a quick boil and pour in cups.

If you can’t have milk, add an entire orange instead – remove the zest (only orange part) and add while you add spices. Then remove all the white and cut the orange in thick slices and add it instead of milk. Still spicy, still will warm you up on a cold and wet winter days.

Enjoy hot 🙂


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